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The Application of Scaffold to College Entrance Examination (Ⅲ)—Cloze Test from 2018-2020

Ying Luo

China West Normal University, Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China.

*Corresponding author: Ying Luo

Published: July 1,2022


English, a major subject of courses in high school, is paid much attention in Col-lege Entrance Examination. Cloze test, accounting for 30 scores in English test in College Entrance Examination, is seen as a difficult part in English subject. The aspects cloze test covers are capacity of identification of vocabularies, grammatical structures, and discourse understanding. Thus, cloze test can be seen as a helpful tool to evaluate students’ kinds of competences. The mastery of cloze test can facilitate the reading, writing because they are integrated. However, it exerts much pressure on both students and teachers, bringing challenges to teaching and learning. It becomes an essential project for teachers to consider. Theories underlain cloze test is Gestalt Psychology, which contends that students always organize experiences and materials into a meaningful whole in a certain way. Thus, logic is required in cloze test to form a meaningful whole by utilizing students’ own knowledge and personal ideas. In English curriculum standard, it proposes that students are expected to achieve thinking quality, and can develop logical thinking. This is consistent with the demands in cloze test. Many researches have investigated something concerning the learning and teaching strategies in cloze test, which proves the importance of cloze test. Thus, cloze test should be researched further from different aspects. Now, College Entrance Examination English paper has become vital reference materials to analyze testing center to more prepared for the English test in College Entrance Examination. Comment and appraisement lessons on English test papers deserve to be explored further. Scaffolding is based on ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development), which contends that there is a gap between students’ current level and the potential level students can achieve. Scaffold actually means the help teachers provide. When students encounter obstacles, teachers can provide students with scaffold and the scaffold is used as a bridge connecting the current proficiency with the target proficiency. So, the purpose of the thesis is to analyze part of the cloze tests of English test paper (Ⅲ) in College Entrance Examination from 2018-2020 based on the theory of scaffolding. Two research questions are as follows: (1) What are the current problems in Comment and appraisement lessons on English cloze test papers of College Entrance Examination (Ⅲ)? (2) How can teachers analyze the discourse of cloze test based on scaffolding?


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The Application of Scaffold to College Entrance Examination (Ⅲ)—Cloze Test from 2018-2020

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