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A New Approach for Estimating Parameters in PV Cell Models based on Odd Polynomial Regression

Date: January 21,2022 |Hits: 1057 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Ahmed Abdolkhalig*, Ashraf Mohamed, Fatihe Abusief

Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Tobruk, 4004, Tobruk, Butnan, Libya.

*Corresponding author: Ahmed Abdolkhalig


This paper proposes a simple approach for estimating three of the parameter values of photovoltaic cell that can be modelled as a single-diode equivalent circuit model. The proposed method relies on the assumption that in the silicon-based single-diode equivalent circuit, the shunt resistance has a very high value and thus, its current effect can be neglected. This negligence can enable us to easily convert any photo-illuminated current based model from a logarithmic regression model to a simple odd polynomial regression model. The resulted polynomial regression model can enable us to simply estimate three parameters of the intrinsic parameters of single-diode equivalent circuit model and also, it can be applied to the characterization of any typical photovoltaic cell at varied temperatures. Root mean square error would be considered as an accuracy criterion to evaluate the estimation performance errors when the degree of the polynomial is iterated. The method is both analytically and the soft computing are covered and finally, results are discussed.


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How to cite this paper

A New Approach for Estimating Parameters in PV Cell Models based on Odd Polynomial Regression

How to cite this paper: Ahmed Abdolkhalig, Ashraf Mohamed, Fatihe Abusief. (2022) A New Approach for Estimating Parameters in PV Cell Models based on Odd Polynomial Regression. Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems6(1), 17-23.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/jepes.2022.01.002

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