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Thoughts on the Inheritance of Shaanxi Folk Dance in Universities

Date: July 26,2021 |Hits: 3369 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Bo Tan

Xi’an Physical Education University, Xi’an 710068, China.

*Corresponding author: Bo Tan


Global integration and cultural diversification have brought various challenges to China, and Chinese folk dances are facing severe challenges. As a part of folk culture, Shaanxi folk dance has also suffered major traumas, and the inheritance of folk dance has been in a difficult situation. Whether the inheritance problem can be properly resolved has become a shackle that affects the development of folk dance. The participation of universities in the protection and inheritance of folk dance is a mission entrusted by the development of the times and society. It is of great significance for inheriting excellent traditional culture, carrying forward the national spirit, and enhancing cultural self-confidence. In this context, the author chose this topic to explore the sustainable development strategy of folk dance culture in colleges and universities from the perspective of education and inheritance. I hope to make efforts and contributions to protect and inherit the excellent folk dance culture of Shaanxi.


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How to cite this paper

Thoughts on the Inheritance of Shaanxi Folk Dance in Universities

How to cite this paper: Bo Tan. (2021). Thoughts on the Inheritance of Shaanxi Folk Dance in Universities. The Educational Review, USA5(7), 208-212.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/er.2021.07.004

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