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The Analysis of Cost and Returns of Fish Farming in Kontagora Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria

Date: May 27,2021 |Hits: 341 Download PDF How to cite this paper

M. Zakari1,*, E. C. Oti1, D. S. Saleh2

1Federal College of Education, PMB 39, Kontagora, Niger State, Nigeria.

2Kebbi State Ministry of Science and Technical Education, P.M.B 1013, Zuru, Kebbi State, Nigeria.

*Corresponding author: M. Zakari


The study examined analysis of costs and return of fish farming in Kontagora Local Government Area (LGA) of Niger State, Nigeria. A purposively sampling technique was used to select thirty five (35) active fish farmers from the study area, structured questionnaire was administered to sampled respondents. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics frequency and percentages, while budgetary and gross margin was used to determine net farm income (NFI). The study indicates that variable cost accounted for (98.27%) of the total cost while fixed cost of production accounted for 1.73%. The result shows that average total cost (TC) of ₦274,664.28 was incurred by the respondent per production cycle while average total revenue (TR) of ₦427,685.00 was realized with a returning gross margin (GM) of ₦157,761.23 and a net farm income (NFI) of ₦152,930.75 per production cycle, implying that fish farming is profitable in the study area. The study recommends capacity building for fish farmers in technical areas such as self-feed formulation and government should try to address the insecurity challenges affecting the study area.


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How to cite this paper

The Analysis of Cost and Returns of Fish Farming in Kontagora Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria

How to cite this paper: M. Zakari, E. C. Oti, D. S. Saleh. (2021) The Analysis of Cost and Returns of Fish Farming in Kontagora Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria. International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture5(2), 303-307.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijfsa.2021.06.014

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