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Reading Programs in St. Petersburg State University

Date: January 22,2021 |Hits: 2672 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Tatiana Sallier

Department of English Linguistics and Culturology, St. Petersburg University, Russia.

*Corresponding author: Tatiana Sallier


This article is devoted to the role of reading in teaching English for special purposes. Four various types of reading are described. Reading is one of the basic skills in language teaching because it is a key to acquiring other language skills. Teaching ESP before the perestroika focused mainly on translation, the purpose of instruction being to develop reading and translation skills. Little attention was paid to oral skills, the Soviet Union being a closed country. Reading materials were predominantly special—the student was taught to read and translate special texts. At present, the situation has dramatically changed. The instruction is focused mostly on communicative skills, reading afforded limited attention and translation disregarded completely. This does not seem sensible, because a university graduate must be able to read and translate professional texts. A balanced approach is needed, combining communicative and translation skills. University graduates must be able to read professional literature.


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How to cite this paper

Reading Programs in St. Petersburg State University

How to cite this paper: Tatiana Sallier. (2021). Reading Programs in St. Petersburg State University. The Educational Review, USA5(1), 8-10.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/er.2021.01.002

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