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Article 10.26855/er.2017.04.002

New Aspects of the Teen Suicide

Oksana Chekstere *, Larysa Kondratenko, Lydia Manylova

G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, NAPS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

*Corresponding author: Oksana Chekstere, Ph.D, G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology, NAPS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Published: December 18,2017


In this article the problems of child and teen suicide were considered. Its characteristic features are revealed and analyzed. It   is    noted that the psychology of communication in this age   is   based on the   contradictory interweaving   of two   needs: separation (privatization) and affiliation, that is,  the need for belonging,  inclusion in  a  particular group or community. First of all it concerns groups of the teenagers, united directly by the theme  of  suicide. The authors investigated  the so-called "death groups" in  social networks, where interest in suicide becomes not personal, but a   group norm, while an attempt to commit suicide greatly increases group authority, where successful attempts are recognized within a   group's feat. The authors draw attention to the false notions and myths that exist in the consciousness of many teenagers regarding suicides.


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New Aspects of the Teen Suicide

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