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Distribution and Status of Coffee Wilt Disease in West Oromia, Ethiopia

Hika Bersisa

Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Bako Agricultural Research Center, Bako, Oromia, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author: Hika Bersisa

Published: July 9,2024


Coffea arabica L. has commercially grown in more than 10.5 million ha in 80 different countries worldwide. Ethiopia is the largest Arabica coffee producer in Africa and 5th one from the world. Coffee is vital to the economy of East and Central Africa, providing a major source of foreign exchange earnings and as a cash crop, supporting the livelihood of millions of people who are involved in cultivation, processing, marketing, and export. However, coffee production in Ethiopia is highly restricted by diseases such as the Coffee wilt Disease (CWD) whose causal agent is the fungus Fusarium xylarioides. This work was done to assess the prevalence and incidence of coffee wilt disease in the East Wallaggaa Zone of Oromia. During survey work, 3 potential coffee-growing districts (Sasiga, Limmu, and Wayu Tuka) were used. Accordingly, 3 PAs per district, and 5 coffee farms per PA were used. Totally, 45 coffee farms were used for this survey work. Data was collected on the prevalence, incidence, and impact of some factors on the development CWD. Large numbers of coffee farms were attacked in Sasiga (80%) district followed by Wayu Tuka (73.33%) and Limmu (60%). A high rate of CWD incidence was recorded in Wayu Tuka (19 %) followed by Sasiga (16.67%) and Limmu (11.47%). CWD has influence positively and negatively by altitude, shade tree status, host resistant, coffee age and sanitation and field management. Local farmers should use CWD-resistant coffee cultivars and recommended field management to overcome CWD pressure observed in the coffee industry. Further investigation is also needed on the influence of some factors on the development of CWD in the study area.


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Distribution and Status of Coffee Wilt Disease in West Oromia, Ethiopia

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