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Flexibility of Moral Judgment Standards in Chinese Rural Society

Xinran Hu

Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China.

*Corresponding author: Xinran Hu

Published: July 5,2024


This article thoroughly explores the flexibility of moral judgment standards in Chinese rural society, conducting a comprehensive analysis from multiple dimensions including historical background, traditional culture, and social structure. In Chinese rural society, the scale of moral judgment is not fixed but influenced by multiple factors such as social relationships, individual status, and power distribution, demonstrating a certain degree of flexibility. The article meticulously compares this elastic moral standard with various phenomena in contemporary society, paying particular attention to the phenomenon of "double standards". It points out that the prevalence of "double standards" not only reflects the deep-seated desire for fairness and justice among Chinese youth but also reveals inherent selfish tendencies in human nature. After in-depth analysis, the conclusion is drawn that there are subtle similarities between the contemporary phenomenon of "double standards" and the flexibility of traditional rural Chinese moral judgment standards, both of which are closely linked to individual interests.


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Flexibility of Moral Judgment Standards in Chinese Rural Society

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