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Improving Self-Confidence of the Third Grade Students of Sman 15 Makassar to Speak English Through English Contest Technique (ECT)

Date: June 24,2020 |Hits: 7032 Download PDF How to cite this paper

M. Dahlan Bahang *, Arma Amir Hamzah, Darma S. Lanre

English Education of STKIP-YPUP Makassar, South Celebes, Indonesia.

*Corresponding author: M. Dahlan Bahang


The objective of this research is to find out English Contest Technique in improving the self-confidence of the third grade students to speak English. In this research, the researcher uses pre-experimental method. The total sample was 42 students and it used cluster sampling technique. The results showed that the students’ mean scores in pre-test of the first cycle was 5.29 and the mean score of the second cycle was 6.62. Based on the data above, the researcher concluded that the use of English Contest Technique can improve the third grade students’ self-confidence in speaking English.


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How to cite this paper

Improving Self-Confidence of the Third Grade Students of Sman 15 Makassar to Speak English Through English Contest Technique (ECT)

How to cite this paper: M. Dahlan Bahang, Arma Amir Hamzah, Darma S. Lanre. (2020). Improving Self-Confidence of the Third Grade Students of Sman 15 Makassar to Speak English Through English Contest Technique (ECT). The Educational Review, USA, 4(6), 128-134.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/er.2020.06.002

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