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Effective Strategies and Teaching Methods for Developing Practical English Skills

Xiaolong Shi

Xi'an Fanyi University, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

*Corresponding author: Xiaolong Shi

Published: May 17,2024


The purpose of this paper is to explore effective strategies and teaching methods for practical English skills training to enhance learners' ability to use English in daily life and career. Educators should encourage students to expose themselves to various types of English materials, including listening, reading, watching, and interacting. This is achieved by using multimedia resources, reading authentic texts, and interacting with native English speakers. The diversity of language input helps students adapt better to various communication scenarios. Design lessons and tasks to enable students to apply the English they have learned in authentic situations. For example, mock business meetings, social interactions, interviews, and actual writing assignments. This type of contextualized learning helps students translate the knowledge and skills they have acquired into practical application. Encourage students to engage in self-assessment and provide them with timely feedback. This helps students identify and improve their weaknesses, thereby continuously enhancing their skill level. Educators utilize technology tools to offer personalized feedback and assessments. Developing practical English skills requires diverse language input, contextual learning, timely feedback, self-assessment, and long-term study and practice. These strategies and methods help students use English more confidently in their daily lives and careers, improving their communicative and vocational skills. Educators should actively adopt these methods in teaching to better meet the actual needs of students.


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Effective Strategies and Teaching Methods for Developing Practical English Skills

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