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Research on the Development and Construction of Unmanned Systems on Land in the United States

Baosheng Zhang*, Su Guo, Wei Pu

Army Academy of Armored Forces, Beijing, China.

*Corresponding author: Baosheng Zhang

Published: May 15,2024


This article provides a thorough examination of the evolution and development of unmanned land systems in the United States, tracing their progression from initial stages of development to their recent technological advancements and extensive use in both defense and civilian industries. The study begins by analyzing the developmental trajectory of unmanned systems, encompassing the inception of the technology, its expanding applications, and the evolution of relevant policies and regulations. The article further delves into an in-depth examination of the key technologies driving current unmanned systems, along with their primary application areas. It also addresses the challenges that these systems face, especially in terms of safety and reliability. The discussion then shifts to the strategic role of unmanned systems in U.S. defense, including a comparative analysis with developments in other countries. This section also examines the implications of these systems on international security dynamics and cooperative efforts. Looking ahead, the article offers predictions regarding future technological innovations in this field. It also anticipates changes in policies and regulations that might arise as these systems become more integrated into various sectors.


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Research on the Development and Construction of Unmanned Systems on Land in the United States

How to cite this paper: Baosheng Zhang, Su Guo, Wei Pu. (2024) Research on the Development and Construction of Unmanned Systems on Land in the United States. Advances in Computer and Communication5(2), 113-117.