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Construction and Research of Ethnic Cultural Elements in Visual Communication

Min Xu

Sichuan University of Media and Communications, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

*Corresponding author: Min Xu

Published: April 23,2024


Traditional Chinese culture encompasses a wealth of cultural elements, with ethnic components exuding significant charm and Oriental vibrancy, possessing great artistic value. Ethnic elements with significant artistic styles in China have been widely incorporated in the field of art design. These elements, with local characteristics and charm, can offer creative inspiration for modern art design. By incorporating national cultural elements into visual design and communication, it is possible to effectively showcase the essence of Chinese culture and foster its innovation. With the further improvement of the national market economy and the high development of information technology, visual communication design is facing a new period of alternating between tradition and modernity. Visual communication design is poised to enter a phase of diversified development. In this era, visual communication design plays a crucial role in the daily production and life of people, encompassing various fields. People's quality of life is constantly improving, and their aesthetic sensibility is also gradually increasing. Therefore, against the backdrop of the new era, particularly with the Party Central Committee's strong emphasis on cultural construction, our country has made significant strides in cultural development, leading to a scene of prosperity and growth in cultural achievements. Based on this premise, all communities and industries can effectively incorporate and develop ethnic and cultural elements in visual communication. This can help enhance the promotion of local city brand awareness and services, and stimulate the local market economy.


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Construction and Research of Ethnic Cultural Elements in Visual Communication

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