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Research on the Role of College English Teaching in China’s Discourse System and International Communication Capacity Building

Wei Xu

School of Foreign Languages, Changsha University, Changsha, Hunan, China.

*Corresponding author: Wei Xu

Published: April 23,2024


Strengthening the traditional cultural education of College English major students can effectively address "Chinese cultural aphasia", enhance the quality of cross-cultural communication talent training, and boost the cultural self-confidence of university students. One of the key missions of Chinese educators is to nurture students to be confident in their own culture while also being proficient in English to promote Chinese culture globally. Exploring the role of university English teaching in developing international communication skills will contribute to establishing a robust support system for such talents. By gaining a deeper understanding of the practical experience of university English teachers in terms of their training orientation, curriculum, and teaching methods, it can provide a reference for relevant decision-makers and promote alignment of the domestic higher education system with the requirements of international communication. This paper first introduces the role of university English teaching in the construction of China's discourse system and international communication capacity and then puts forward some effective construction strategies in terms of strategic systems, communication channels, and talent cultivation for reference.


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Research on the Role of College English Teaching in China's Discourse System and International Communication Capacity Building

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