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Analysis of the Development Path of Mangrove Ecotourism

Qunping Chen

Business School, Lingnan Normal University, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China.

*Corresponding author: Qunping Chen

Published: December 25,2023


In the context of the new era, the country aims to promote and develop tourism across the entire region, particularly rural tourism. The goal is to convert the favorable ecology into tangible wealth through practical measures, continually shaping a modern model of harmonious development between humans and nature. This will lay a solid foundation for the advancement of ecological civilization construction in China. The ecological and cultural resources of mangroves are abundant and widely distributed. In addition, the state has recently provided strong policy support for mangrove ecological and cultural tourism. As a result, the development of mangrove ecotourism is currently facing unprecedented opportunities for growth. Currently, to effectively promote the development of mangrove ecotourism, it is essential to analyze the development value and challenges, and enhance the development level through optimizing the traditional development concept, cultivating professional talents, and improving the tourism management model.


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Analysis of the Development Path of Mangrove Ecotourism

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