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China’s Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy on Rural Economic Development

Ruojie Liu*, Jieli Tan, Doris Padmini Selvaratnam

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia.

*Corresponding author: Ruojie Liu

Published: December 25,2023


Based on the period before and after the implementation of poverty alleviation policies in our country, this study aims to examine the impact of the policy on rural economic development. Using a specific city as a case study, the paper gathers and organizes official statistical data from the city government over the past few decades. It analyzes the evolution of rural residents' income in this city and employs SPSS software to perform regression analysis on macroeconomic development data. Various economic indicators and the input amount of agricultural production factors reveal several significant factors that impact the income of rural residents in a specific city. There is a strong positive correlation between GDP and rural residents' income, characterized by a high degree of stability and synchronous development. Additionally, the total agricultural output value, total retail sales of consumer goods, and the number of rural labor resources are positively correlated with rural residents' income. Moreover, local fiscal budget expenditure related to agriculture has a driving effect on the per capita net income of rural residents, although this effect gradually slows down over time. Based on the policy implementation during the study period, this paper presents some suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of the targeted poverty alleviation policy in promoting rural economic development in the future.


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China's Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy on Rural Economic Development

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