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Guo Moruo’s Acceptance and Reconstruction of the Image of Cai Yan in Cai Wenji

Yifan Wang

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau, Macau, China.

*Corresponding author: Yifan Wang

Published: November 20,2023


In 1959, Guo Moruo wrote Cai Wenji, a five-act historical comedy, which was directed by Jiao Juyin and performed on stage. Cai Wenji by Guo Moruo can be seen as a literary endeavor to acknowledge and rebuild the image of Cai Yan. Although Guo Moruo once defined this character as a feminist aesthetic character, the final writing is more inclined to serve as a functional character to enhance Cao Cao's image. To study Guo Moruo's acceptance and reconstruction of Cai Wenji's image, it is essential to analyze Guo Moruo's starting point in creating his work. This can be done by examining Guo Moruo's selection and use of Cai Yan's historical materials. Such analysis can provide insights into the historical value of Cai Wenji, explore Guo Moruo's aesthetic interests in his creation, and discuss the political and functional aspects of Cai Wenji's characters. Guo Moruo's reconstruction and portrayal of Cai Yan's image in Cai Wenji is a proactive exploration of legendary female narratives in Chinese history.


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Guo Moruo’s Acceptance and Reconstruction of the Image of Cai Yan in Cai Wenji

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