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Using Technology-Assisted Education to Further Employee Development

Date: November 10,2017 |Hits: 9572 Download PDF How to cite this paper


The significance of e-learning and knowledge management in the workplace cannot be overstated. In today’s technology-driven working environments the accelerated pace of change is a constant, and organizations are pressed to rapidly train and retrain workers with increasingly limited timelines and resources. Discerning employers have recognized e-learning as a more productive tool. E-learning increases the possibilities for how, where, and when employees can engage in training. Some organizations have been slower to adapt to e-learning as a training option because of costs, technical limitations, and lack of understanding its fundamental advantages. These factors have become less inhibiting as costs of e-learning have decreased and technical expertise has been aided by user-friendly e-learning formats. This paper addresses the significant impact that e-learning is having on workplace education by measuring how traditional classroom training is being enhanced by mediated instruction. Examples of successful e-learning courses including a design model are demonstrated. Program evaluation data presented describes how the change from the traditional classroom model to a mediated delivery model has had a positive impact on employer and employee needs. The opportunity to conduct future research in this area is discussed.


How to cite this paper

Using Technology-Assisted Education to Further Employee Development
Eugene J. Monaco
University at Albany, State University of New York, Albany, NY USA 
The Research Foundation for SUNY
Corresponding author: Eugene J. Monaco, University at Albany, State University of New York, Albany, NY USA and the Research Foundation for SUNY.  
How to cite this paper: Monaco, J. E. (2017). Using Technology-Assisted Education to Further Employee Development. The Educational Review, USA,1(2), 26-33.

Full Text: PDF  DOI: 10.26855/er.2017.02.002

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