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Feeding With Various Microalgae the Salt “Loving” Ciliate Fabrea Salina in Normal Salinity of 35 ppt

Date: August 30,2019 |Hits: 10899 Download PDF How to cite this paper

George N. Hotos

Plankton Culture Laboratory, Department of Animal Production, Fisheries and Aquaculture, University of Patras, Greece.

*Corresponding author: George N. Hotos, Email: ghotos@upatras.gr


In a laboratory study 6 microalgae species were tested as food for the extremely halotolerant ciliate Fabrea salina in salinity of 35 ppt. Rhodomonas salina was found to be the best food in terms of specific growth rate and generation time followed by Dunaliella salina and Asteromonas gracilis. Isochrysis galbana, Chlorella sp and Tetraselmis sp were found inferior to them. In order to get best results in 35 ppt, Fabrea salina should previously be acclimatized in salinities as low as 60 ppt at least (as compared to 90 ppt that is quite near to the salinities of above 100 ppt that are normal in the hypersaline ponds from where Fabrea is collected). 


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[2]   Rhodes, A. M. & R. P. Phelps (2006). Ciliated protozoans as alternative live food for first feeding red snapper, Lutjanus camperchanus, larvae. GCFI:57, 57th Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute, pp. 963-973. 

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How to cite this paper

Feeding With Various Microalgae the Salt “Loving” Ciliate Fabrea Salina in Normal Salinity of 35 ppt

How to cite this paper: Hotos G N.. (2019) Feeding With Various Microalgae The Salt “Loving” Ciliate Fabrea Salina in Normal Salinity of 35 ppt. International Journal of Food Science and Agriculture, 3(3), 150-152.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/ijfsa.2019.09.001

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