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Hormonal Regulation in Animals

José Luis Corona Lisboa

University of the Pan American Center for Higher Studies, Mexico.

*Corresponding author: José Luis Corona Lisboa

Published: August 1,2023


Hormonal regulation is an essential biochemical process for the life of the animal organism. This document is a bibliographic review article whose objective was to analyze hormonal regulation in animals, taking as a reference cell as a morphological, physiological, genetic and reproductive entity of any living being. For this, an exhaustive documentary investigation was carried out regarding the subject matter, where the most suitable articles were chosen from scientific journals indexed in various international repositories (Scielo, Latindex, Elseiver). The body of the article consists of two fundamental sections which are: hormonal regulation at the cellular level and the importance of hormonal concentration. The analysis of the documents shows that hormones exert a local and systemic effect at the organic level through biochemical signaling in the H-R complex, which has a decisive impact on cell physiology. According to the results of the review, it is concluded that hormonal regulation allows channeling metabolic or physiological mechanisms at the cellular and tissue level, through feedbacks of increasing and decreasing plasma concentrations at the blood level, and through the HR Complex for homeostatic maintenance necessary for life.


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Hormonal Regulation in Animals

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