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Thoughts on the Integration of Supply Chain of Sporting Goods through Internet of Things

Date: January 24,2019 |Hits: 4826 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Lin Zhou

*Corresponding author: Lin Zhou


With the development of the times, the Internet of things is playing an increasingly important role, whose impact on enterprise supply chain is also growing. If the advantages of the Internet of things are efficiently used, enterprises can be promoted to get better development. For the supply chain of sporting goods, the advantages of the Internet of things should be fully utilized. The development of supply chain of sporting goods and Internet of things should be fully combined to make unified requirements for sporting goods and improve infrastructure construction during intermediate links continuously. Although relevant departments have fully realized the importance of the Internet of things, there are still some problems in the specific development process. The imperfect infrastructure and the lack of uniform standards have become important factors affecting the development of supply chain of sporting goods. Only by solving problems constantly, the supply chain can be promoted to have a better development.


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How to cite this paper

Thoughts on the Integration of Supply Chain of Sporting Goods through Internet of Things

How to cite this paper: Lin, Z. (2019) Thoughts on the Integration of Supply Chain of Sporting Goods through Internet of Things. International Journal o f Humanities, Arts and Social Science, 3(1), 29-31.

DOI: 10.26855/jhass.2019.01.001


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