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The Effect of PM10 and NOx on COPD and Asthma Patients in Abuja Nigeria

Date: April 28,2023 |Hits: 816 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Christabel Ihedike1,*, John Mooney2, Jonathan Ling1

1Faculty of Health Sciences & Wellbeing, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.

2University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

*Corresponding author: Christabel Ihedike


Objective: Air pollution can contribute to the development and worsening of respiratory health problems. This study was conducted to study the effect of PM10 and NOx on COPD and asthma patients because the effect of PM10 and NOx on COPD and asthma patients has not been well studied in Nigeria. We investigated the effect of PM10 and NOx on registered COPD and asthma patients in two government-owned hospitals in Abuja Nigeria. Methods: Data were collected on monthly FVC, FEV1, using spirobank and dyspnoea with MRC dyspnoea scale from a study sample of 402 hospital-recruited COPD or asthma patients for 16 months. Routine air quality monitoring data and meteorological data were collated over the same time period. Correlation and multiple regression analyses were performed to calculate the correlation between respiratory disease (COPD and asthma) and the pollutants (PM10, NOx) concentration. Results: The 24-hour mean of PM10 in the study was 296.7µg/m3, and the NO2 1-hour mean was 253.1µg/m3, which are both higher than the WHO guidelines. The PM10 increase was significantly associated with decreased FEV1 and FVC in the participants (-786, P=.000); with a moderate significant association between NOx and FVC (-.582, P= .018). A significant association was also observed between PM10 with Dyspnoea (-.786, P=.000). When we stratified for gender, it was observed that women had a higher significance P= .001. Conclusions: The observed consistency of the adverse health effects of PM10 across the tested variables and the health outcomes and diseases supports policy measures to control PM10 and NOx. This study provides evidence that exposure to ambient air pollution has adverse effects on lung function in adults.


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The Effect of PM10 and NOx on COPD and Asthma Patients in Abuja Nigeria

How to cite this paper: Christabel Ihedike, John Mooney, Jonathan Ling. (2023) The Effect of PM10 and NOx on COPD and Asthma Patients in Abuja Nigeria. OAJRC Environmental Science4(1), 1-9.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/oajrces.2023.06.001

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