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Comprehensive Ideological and Political Education Based on Three Full-education

Bo Wen, Jin Sha*

School of Mechanical Engineering, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China.

*Corresponding author: Jin Sha

Published: April 24,2023


“Three full-education” is the important way to realize the fundamental task of moral education and comprehensive education is the important guarantee for educational reform. In order to provide beneficial suggestions for promoting “three full-education”, this paper considered the characteristics of various places for students’ study, live, exercise and entertainment, excavated ideological and political resources of classrooms, libraries, canteens, apartments, stadiums and Internet, selected ideological and political content, excavated ideological and political elements, designed integration paths and built comprehensive ideologi-cal and political education system. As the fundamental task of education, moral education is emphasized as the foundation and moral education as the first. The effect of ideological and political education plays a very important role in promoting the achievement of moral education. Colleges and universities should carry out the responsibility of ideological and political education to every employee, make ideological and political education work throughout the whole process of education and teaching, and integrate ideological and political education activities into every link of study and life. Strive to achieve the "three complete" education. "Three complete" education is an important guarantee for higher education to form full participation in education force, the whole process of penetration education guarantee, all-round embodiment of education carrier, is the inevitable choice to achieve the goal of moral education and educating people.


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Comprehensive Ideological and Political Education Based on Three Full-education

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