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Research on the Design of Education Management Module in Network Learning Platform

Xiaoyan Ma

Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic, Shanghai, China.

*Corresponding author: Xiaoyan Ma

Published: April 4,2023


With the continuous improvement of higher education system, the role of higher vocational colleges in higher education system is gradually improving, and more and more attention from society. Due to the standardization of vocational skills and the professionalism of talent team, the proportion of ideological and political teaching in higher vocational colleges is constantly increasing, and the means and channels of ideological and political training are increasingly diverse. At present, with the extensive application of modern knowledge, science and technology, the combination of social values inside and outside, the construction task of consciousness position is more difficult, so whether the implementation of ideological and political training courses can be effectively related to the vocational college of talent training objectives and talent quality level. In the teaching of ideological and political courses, adopting the form of modules can promote the integration and analysis of the professional cognition and ideological progress of the graduates from the aspects of ideological awareness, professional cognition and career development, and bring the ideological and political courses into it, which can effectively improve the teaching quality. Based on this, we combine the marketing discipline to study the problems encountered in the ideological and political teaching of higher vocational colleges, and get the feasible model of modular teaching in the ideological and political teaching classroom.


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Research on the Design of Education Management Module in Network Learning Platform

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