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The Cultural Stratification of Yunnan Art During the Anti-Japanese War Period

Zi'ang Zhang

Yunnan Art Institute, Kunming, Yunnan, China.

*Corresponding author: Zi'ang Zhang

Published: March 31,2023


During the Anti-Japanese War, the emergence of the problem of social stratification of art in Yunnan was the inevitable of the times, and art, as an important form of literature and art in the Anti-Japanese War, was closely related to the Anti-Japanese War, and it was not only the backbone of salvation and survival, but also one of the focuses of the research on modern Chinese art history. During the Anti-Japanese War period, art played multiple roles in the transformation of Chinese society, which is closely related, and relevant people in the literary and art circles and art circles must realize that there is a relationship of mutual influence and constraint between them, which is of unique and far-reaching significance. Based on the development of Yunnan art and culture during the Anti-Japanese War period, this paper divides the art works into the academy art layer, mainstream art layer, and Ethnic and folk art layer according to the content and style of expression, and conducts in-depth analysis.


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The Cultural Stratification of Yunnan Art During the Anti-Japanese War Period

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