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Research on the Application Mode of Action-oriented Teaching Method in Social Work Professional Teaching

Date: February 2,2023 |Hits: 499 Download PDF How to cite this paper

Lei Su

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210000, China.

*Corresponding author: Lei Su


Social work major is a highly practical and operational professional discipline, which requires students to apply their professional theory and knowledge to the practical self-help activities. The concept of action-oriented teaching method originated in vocational education in Germany, which mainly emphasizes the subjectivity status of students in teaching, advocates teachers to play their own guiding role in teaching, mobilize students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, and guide students to achieve the teaching effect of "learning". Applying action teaching to social work and guiding students to observe action and practice in the whole teaching activities can further enhance the practicality of social work and improve students' professional ability and professional level. In the teaching process of social work major, in addition to adhering to the student-oriented education concept, we should also deeply explore the action-oriented teaching methods, cultivate students 'practical ability and cultivate students' key ability and innovation ability, so that students can use the knowledge learned to solve practical problems. This paper discusses the concept of the action-oriented teaching method, analyzes the feasibility of the action-oriented teaching method applied to the social work, and then puts forward the specific application of the teaching.


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How to cite this paper

Research on the Application Mode of Action-oriented Teaching Method in Social Work Professional Teaching

How to cite this paper: Lei Su. (2023). Research on the Application Mode of Action-oriented Teaching Method in Social Work Professional Teaching. The Educational Review, USA7(1), 53-56.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26855/er.2023.01.013

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