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Tuned Controller’s Gain Tested under Grid Voltage Sags Using PSO Algorithm

Date: July 23,2018 |Hits: 2406 Download PDF How to cite this paper
Mariam Chouket *‡, Achraf Abdelkafi *, Lotfi Krichen *

*Department of Electrical Engineering, National School of Engineering, University of Sfax, 3038 Sfax, Tunisia 

Corresponding: Mariam CHOUKET, National Engineering School of  Sfax, Control and Energy Management Laboratory (CEM_Lab) BP 1173, 3038, Sfax, Tunisia, Tel.: (+216) 74 274 418 / Fax: (+216) 74 275 595
Email: chouket.maryam@gmail.com


This paper presents a novel command technique of wind turbine generator connected to the power grid based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm. This optimization technique uses as an objective problem the instantaneous state of the system which depends on the wind speed, the reactive power and the grid voltage variations, to search for the optimal combination of the regulator’s parameters. Consequently, the Online Multi Fitness using PSO algorithm (OMFPSO) is employed to minimize the Integral Time Absolute Error (ITAE) of each used regulator by PSO algorithm. This optimization technique leads to have a robust command and stable system with less oscillation and reduced settling time. In comparison with conventional proportional integrator (PI) controllers, simulation results prove the performances of the used technique under different operating conditions particularly by eliminating the distortion caused by imperative grid voltage sags.



How to cite this paper

Tuned Controller’s Gain Tested under Grid Voltage Sags Using PSO Algorithm

How to cite this paper: Chouket, M., Abdelkafi, A., Krichen, L. (2018) Tuned Controller’s Gain Tested under Grid Voltage Sags Using PSO Algorithm. Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2(7), 6-18 .

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