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Multi-modal Discourse Analysis in Second Language Teaching Class

Jian Zhang

Yanbian University, Jilin Province, 133002, China.

*Corresponding author: Jian Zhang

Published: October 18,2022


At the end of 2019, the COVID-19 epidemic spread globally, and the outstanding performance of China in the epidemic caused a new Chinese language craze. However, the epidemic is a double-edged sword. With the continuous development of the epidemic, the international Chinese education has also been greatly impacted. Due to the epidemic situation, offline classes is difficult to achieve, and the cultivation of the teaching practice ability of international Chinese education postgraduates is limited. The postgraduate course Chinese teaching design and management of X University breaks through this limitation by simulating classroom teaching practice. Based on multi-modal discourse analysis theory, this research analyzes various modes of second language classroom: speech modality, image modality, action modality and animation modality. In addition, this research also proposes five strategies: focus on language content, accuracy and humor; add 'Picture Modality', both content and form; cooperate with 'action modality', guide and interact; use 'animation mode' skillfully and help students increase interest; modal multi-pronged approach, jointly promote teaching.


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Multi-modal Discourse Analysis in Second Language Teaching Class

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