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The Multiple Social Functions of the Mobile Phone in the Mozambican Communities

Date: May 21,2018 |Hits: 2772 Download PDF How to cite this paper
Joanguete Celestino
Eduardo Mondlane University/- School of Communication and Arts, Maputo, Mozambique
Corresponding author: Joanguete Celestino


The aim of the study is to explore the potential of the telephone in the Mozambican social ecosystem, in particular, in multiple social functions in the new realities, Mozambique, particularly in the processes of electronic transactions, monitoring of governance and strengthening of the media to reach new audiences previously mar-gin-alized by traditional means of communication. Based on empirical studies by UNESCO entitled Reading in the Mobile Age and research entitled The Evolution of Information Systems in Africa: A Road to Security and Stability, the article proposes to reflect on the three aspects: the role of cellular in social, economic and policies.
The study mapped the impacts of cell phones on society, supporting arguments that support the inclusion of “marginalized” communities in the digital society. The struc-ture of work is built on 5 fundamental points that revolve around the mobile phone: Communication in general; financial system; monitoring of governance; agriculture and the media. All points have led us to the fact that the mobile phone is one of the devices that is operating political transformations, through the civic engagement of the citizen; financial inclusion of the citizen through the facilitation of basic transactions and savings and the revaluation of the media, in particular, the community radios through telephone transmission.



How to cite this paper

The Multiple Social Functions of the Mobile Phone in the Mozambican Communities

How to cite this paper: Celestino, J. (2018). The Multiple Social Functions of the Mobile Phone in the Mozambican Communities. The Educational Review, USA, 2(5), 309-319.
Full Text: PDF  DOI:10.26855/er.2018.05.005
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